Tears of Nature

Tears of Nature


Sometimes one can find the best photographs when one least expects them. My hopes of getting a good shot were almost drowned as I got drenched by monsoon showers. As the rains subsided, the enchanting smell of the earth after the monsoon showers got my hopes back up a little. As I waded through wet leaves, this particular one caught my fancy.

People say I need expensive lenses to truly capture the beauty of closeup photography, but all I needed was patience and faith in my Nikon 18-55mm.


A Divine Flower

A Divine Flower
A Divine Flower

Violet. Yellow. Crimson. Indigo. Flowers come in more colors than the human mind can possibly comprehend. Fragile but bewitching, these lovely little creatures can touch the innermost strings of the heart and play a silent melody which only Mozart could match.

I took this photo in the mystical country of Thailand. Amidst golden palaces and lushious lawns, I found this beautiful amalgamation of petals growing silently, drawing attention effortlessly.


A snowy abode
A snowy abode

The Gateway to Heaven. This photo was taken in the fourth month of the thirteenth year of the twenty first century.  Tucked away among the lush green hills of Darjeeling, this picture was clicked from the peak of tiger hill. Waking up at four in the morning to the maddening sound of the relentless alarm, rubbing my reddish eyes and driving sleepishly on the bumpy road and waiting impatiently for the thich dense clouds to clear and the glaring sunlight to kiss the peaks of these magnificent mountains were all worth it for this one photograph. It was after an entire month that the skies were finally so clear and the mountains had come out of its lair.  My efforts had finally come to fruition. I silently sat there gazing at this marvel while others were wildly clicking photos with their miniscule flashes, thinking it would illuminate this colossal wonder. The gusty peaks, the ivory snow, the blurry fog and the cozy dazzling rays of the sun are what made me fall in love with this divine sight.

Let there be Light

Let there be Light


“Let there be Light”

This picture was clicked by me during Diwali, the festival of lights. It is customary for Hindus to light diyas, or earthen lamps and lighten up the moonless night with the warm, soothing luminescence of the divine, rustic flame. The wick curled as the flame was lighted and the gorgeous, enchanting gendhas, or marigold flowers, almost mandatory in any Hindu ritual, were kept beside the auspicious flame. It is a time of celebration, love and forgiveness. Despite the smoke filled air, everyone is filled with a sense of togetherness. It is the Indian equivalent of christmas.
I tried to capture a small fragment of this elaborate and joyous occasion. The bright flame, bright marigolds and bright spirit enchanted me and made me look forward to this year’s Diwali Celebrations, which will be the last one before I go to college.

Even Trees can Bark

Even Trees can Bark
Even Trees can Bark

What intrigued me in this picture was the interesting contrast brought forward with the hard, rough and barren like texture of the tree trunk and the soft, comforting and blurred yet colourful backdrop of leaves and a subtle yet significantly impressive effect of the penetrating sun rays which binds the various contrasting components of this image together.

Natural Aviators

Bird in Flight

I want to Fly!

This is one of my first successful attempts at motion photography. Luckily, the natural pilot was flying low and smooth enough for me to successfull capture it. Almost the entire image is blurred except for the eyes and the central body which is almost crystal clear. I never thought that these kind of images were even possible without the assistance of professional photoediting tools.

But patience and practice paid off. As I followed this bird through my view finder, trying to have almost the same angular velocity, I waited and took just one click – the perfect click. This pilot gave my passion wings and took me to a new level.



Some times the simplest of objects can make great photos. You don’t always need a breath taking landscape to click a nice picture. I was just wandering through the park when the noise of my walking on the pebbles caught my attention and the result was this beautiful wallpaper.

This photo makes me think. If you notice, each pebble is of a different colour, a different shape, a different size. No two pebbles are the same and yet they come together to contribute to this contemplative picture. It kind of resembles mankind.  All of us are unique and I guess thats what makes everything so special. Each individual contributes in making this world more colourful and diverse unitedly. Its a pretty simple picture but if you just take a moment to sit back and observe, even the simplest things can transport you to the world of euphoric contemplation.